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About Us

Hey, Pixie Babe! Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

Pixie Sparkle is a vibe, a feeling, and a lifestyle. On top of pop culture and the hottest trends, we strive to keep our Pixie Babes the best dressed at any occasion. Empowering every cis-woman and non-gender conforming girlies is what we strive to achieve. We always want our PS community to feel included and confident. 

Born and based out of Los Angeles, CA, we’re a team of bad ass women whose roots run deep in the fashion and beauty industry. We started PS in 2017, as a means to conquer the world through fashion be it in our jammies on a Sunday morning or partying it up at the club.

Pixie Sparkle dreams of a world where we can all fly free and live our best lives. We come from all walks of life and truly embrace everything that’s special and diverse about ourselves and our customers. We believe our light shines from within and your style is just a reflection of that. So let your sparkle shine!


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